n.1.(Zool.) The Brazilian kite (Polyborus Brasiliensis); - so called in imitation of its notes.
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When the Carrancha is quietly seated on the branch of a tree or on the ground, the Chimango often continues for a long time flying backwards and forwards, up and down, in a semicircle, trying each time at the bottom of the curve to strike its larger relative.
After feeding, the uncovered craw protrudes; at such times, and indeed generally, the Carrancha is an inactive, tame, and cowardly bird.
It is a curious circumstance that, when crying out, they throw their heads upwards and backwards, after the same manner as the Carrancha.
Another instance of conflation occurs when, in a transitional passage, Conrad takes Paez's description of the rey-zamuro vulture and fuses it with the later description of the carrancha.