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n.1.See Caraway.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Let's hear it for Farmer Bell, Mr Carraway the fishmonger, Mr Murphy the baker and Mr Cresswell the factory boss!
Morgan Asset Management (JPM), have announced the formation of a new joint venture to develop Carraway, a 421-unit luxury apartment community in Harrison, New York.
The deceased officer was identified as Terrence Carraway, city of Florence spokesman John Wukela said.
Florence County Coroner Keith von Lutcken identified the deceased as 52-year-old Terrence Carraway of Darlington, South Carolina.
City of Florence spokesman John Wukela identified the fallen officer to The Associated Press as Terrence Carraway. Carraway had just celebrated 30 years as a police officer in the city, Wukela said.
F Wilson Carraway III, chair of the FMB board, said, 'We are excited to combine with a quality institution in The First.
Oliver Towse plays Gatsby with Matthew Churcher (George Wilson), Jake Ferretti (Tom Buchanan), Zoe Hakin (Jordan Baker), Michael Lambourne (Nick Carraway), Amie Burns Walker (Daisy) and former Rownd & Rownd actress Bethan Rose Young (Myrtle Wilson) and a nine-strong community chorus.
The events of the play are seen through Nick Carraway's eyes, the cousin of Daisy Fay Buchanan whom Gatsby is deeply in love with.
Worried mum Vicki Davis captured footage of the motorcyclist after hearing the roar of engines outside her home on Carraway Walk, South Shields.
From The Great Gatsby's Nick Carraway to the millions of bloggers today, writers are generally seen as onlookers documenting the human condition.
"People can focus a little more clearly when they have both feet on the ground and are looking at a camera versus trying to balance themselves on a ladder and make sure their safety clips are in place while simultaneously doing an inspection," says Kurt Carraway, executive director of the institution's Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Applied Aviation Research Center.