Carriage horse

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a horse kept for drawing a carriage.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Ginger and I were not of the regular tall carriage horse breed, we had more of the racing blood in us.
Again Erza and Milka were abreast, running like a pair of carriage horses, and began to overtake the hare, but it was easier for the hare to run on the balk and the borzois did not overtake him so quickly.
The carriage horses were both fat and aged, still they matched; the carriage was shaky and uncomfortable, but the Otway arms were visible on the panels.
The stillness of early morning slumbered everywhere; the curtains were yet drawn over the servants' chamber windows; little birds were just twittering in the blossom-blanched orchard trees, whose boughs drooped like white garlands over the wall enclosing one side of the yard; the carriage horses stamped from time to time in their closed stables: all else was still.
Dakon had four magnificent carriage horses that he wanted to save, and General Folsom had given him the tip that next morning all the horses that remained in the city were to be confiscated for food.
The Welsh Cob as a breed was created by mixing several horse breeds, including of course the Welsh pony, but draught and carriage horse breeds (like the long extinct Norfolk Roadster) were also added, along with some Arabian blood brought in by Crusaders returning to Britain from the Middle East with Arabian stallions.
"There is no way that cities, with their exhaust fumes, hard road surfaces, and busy traffic patterns can provide a humane environment for a carriage horse," said Pascale Tabet who is behind the petition.
Other rooms on this floor include a utility and lavatory and a pantry that used to be a stable for the Hall's carriage horse and groom.
There was strong public support for the ban, considered by some to be redemption for the death of Jerry, a carriage horse that collapsed on a busy Salt Lake City street in 2013.
NEW YORK -- A startled carriage horse took a jaunt around Central Park without any passengers or its driver.
In your paddock you were folded like a carriage horse grown too large for his stall.