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n.1.(Naut.) A carack. See Carack.
Carrick bend
(Naut.) a kind of knot, used for bending together hawsers or other ropes.
Carrick bitts
(Naut.) the bitts which support the windlass.
- Totten.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Bannatyne, secretary to John Knox, recounts a singular course of oppression practised on one of those titulars abbots, by the Earl of Cassilis in Ayrshire, whose extent of feudal influence was so wide that he was usually termed the King of Carrick. We give the fact as it occurs in Bannatyne's Journal, only premising that the Journalist held his master's opinions, both with respect to the Earl of Cassilis as an opposer of the king's party, and as being a detester of the practice of granting church revenues to titulars, instead of their being devoted to pious uses, such as the support of the clergy, expense of schools, and the relief of the national poor.
For gif adultery, sacrilege, oppression, barbarous cruelty, and theft heaped upon theft, deserve hell, the great King of Carrick can no more escape hell for ever, than the imprudent Abbot escaped the fire for a season as follows.
The famous King of Carrick and his cooks perceiving the roast to be aneuch, commanded it to be tane fra the fire, and the Earl himself began the grace in this manner: `Benedicite, Jesus Maria, you are the most obstinate man that ever I saw; gif I had known that ye had been so stubborn, I would not for a thousand crowns have handled you so; I never did so to man before you.' And yet he returned to the same practice within two days, and ceased not till that he obtained his formost purpose, that is, that he had got all his pieces subscryvit alsweill as ane half-roasted hand could do it.
The bruit flew fra Carrick to Galloway, and so suddenly assembled herd and hyre-man that pertained to the band of the Kennedies; and so within a few hours was the house of Denure environed again.
The ultimate issue of this affair does not appear; but as the house of Cassilis are still in possession of the greater part of the feus and leases which belonged to Crossraguel Abbey, it is probable the talons of the King of Carrick were strong enough, in those disorderly times, to retain the prey which they had so mercilessly fixed upon.
He had been in several engagements, such as they were-- at Philippi, Rich Mountain, Carrick's Ford and Greenbrier--and had borne himself with such gallantry as not to attract the attention of his superior officers.
MICHAEL Carrick has been in football for more than 20 years, but before he started on his journey to become one of the most decorated players in English football the 37-year-old had a vision that he wanted to raise money for charity.
California-based investment firm Carrick Capital Partners, focused on technology-enabled businesses including SaaS, software, BPO and transaction processing, has announced it has promoted Rob Delaney to Vice President, the company said.
RAFA BENITEZ is tipping rising star Sean Longstaff to become Newcastle's version of Michael Carrick.
Readers who recall the street in that era might recall stopping off for lunch, upstairs at Carrick's Restaurant.