Carroll Lewis


 (kăr′əl), Lewis
See Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.
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Carroll Lewis all -Queen awash, awards, award, WASHBOARD Red Dormouse, Gryphon, R.
Bridesmaids were Ann Morgan Graham, sister-in-law of the bride; Jane Graham Nance, cousin of the bride; Eleni Marie Alafoginis; Susannah Barrett Barkley; Laura Leighton Blair; Jessica Evonne Bracken; Amanda Griffin Conner; Kathryn Carroll Lewis; and Lillian Chloe Lloyd.
There was a BBC Radio talent contest on Sunday nights called Carroll Lewis and His Discoveries and we had to do an audition at Dudley Hippodrome, which we passed with flying colours.
Barry and fellow Fortunes founder Rod Allen met as teenagers performing Everley Brothers songs on the Carroll Lewis Discoveries TV show.
Bridesmaids were Dru Hawthorne Davis of Madison; Emily Amanda Knighton and Mallory Anne Knighton, both of Centreville; Kathryn Carroll Lewis of Ridgeland; Lauren Elizabeth Mayer of Mandeville, Louisiana; and Meredith Elise McMorris, Emily Anne Spence, and Jennifer Goodwin Stults, all of Summit Attendants wore lagoon-colored strapless A-line dresses of satin-faced taffeta featuring fitted, draped bodices with cascading bows.

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