n.1.In the Philippines, a light, two-wheeled, boxlike vehicle usually drawn by a single native pony and used to convey passengers within city limits or for traveling. It is the common public carriage.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'Pepe had to content himself by watching lola ride the carromata from afar in Calamba,' mused Lileth Malabanan, Segunda's granddaughter by Paz Luz-Dimayuga.
We are here to protect them whichever side they are in or chose to belong', said Private First Class Eike Ombo, a female IP soldier who hails from Carromata, San Miguel, Surigal del Sur.
Gilberto DC Cruz, Caraga police director, said Alex Guillermo, 49, former chairman of Barangay Carromata, former councilman Al Gala of Sagbayan and councilman Glenn Tranquilan were arrested.
Jonathan Ovivir, utilized the 'carromata'-a light, two-wheeled, boxlike vehicle similar to the 'calesa'-as its belen.
In the old days, the carromata was a mode of transportation used to ferry people and goods.
I've seen pictures of the tranvia like the one that rumbled down Calle Legarda in front of our entresuelo; of carromatas and carretelas; of people walking down Escolta, all dressed up and wearing shoes, not flip-flops; of the Metropolitan Theater in all its splendor; the art deco facade of the Jai Alai; and recently, they showed Dewey (Roxas) Boulevard, our beautiful promenade by the bay, peaceful and clean and without the gaudy, ugly lampposts.
There were no street signs at the time and traffic was light-no pedicabs, jeepneys, motorcycles and intercity buses, only the street car (tranvia), few cars, calesas, carromatas, carretelas and pushcarts.
Activities that feature cows include Parada de los Toros, which highlights the domesticated animal and carromatas in a colorful parade, and the Bailar ala Toro, a dance competition participated in by students.