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car′ry-out′ n.



1. the act of taking out.
2. something made to be taken out.
3. a store or restaurant preparing food to be eaten elsewhere.
4. intended to be taken from the point of sale and consumed elsewhere: takeout meals.


A. ADJ [meal etc] → para llevar
B. N (= food) → comida f para llevar (esp Scot) (= drink) → bebida f para llevar
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Product categories analyzed in this way include each of the daily meals at either fast-food restaurants or full-service restaurants, restaurant and carry-out while traveling, and snacks from vending machines and mobile vendors.
But one man who had four cans of lager seized said: "The only people this seems to be good for are the ones raking in the cash at the bars." Despite the carry-out ban, partygoers had a whale of a time with Deacon Blue headlining the gig.
"One of the local taxi drivers who kept the Sultan's men supplied with carry-out meals during their stay was given a pounds 1,500 tip."
"Going to an Indian restaurant or getting a carry-out takes the stress out of Christmas Day.
Carry-out beer sales have soared 26 per cent over the past five years.
Ahead of the match against Ukraine, French police ordered all supermarkets to lock up their off-sales to stop carry-outs being sold.