carrying capacity

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car·ry·ing capacity

1. The maximum number of persons or things that a vehicle or a receptacle can carry: a van with a carrying capacity of 12.
2. Ecology The maximum number of individuals of a given species that the resources available in a given environment can sustainably support.

carrying capacity

(Environmental Science) ecology the maximum number of individuals that an area of land can support, usually determined by their food requirements

car′rying capac`ity

the maximum population of a species that can be supported in a given environment. Symbol: K

carrying capacity

The population of living things that an ecosystem can support without impairing its stability.

car·ry·ing ca·pac·i·ty

n. capacidad de sustención;
___ fatality rateíndice de letalidad;
___ managementadministración de casos.
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The truck~s carrying capacity overshoot must be allowed a minimum of 10%.