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Noun1.Carter administration - the executive under President Carter
executive - persons who administer the law
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The short film, just five and a half minutes, was uploaded online on Wednesday, April 10, the date that the Taiwan Relations Act was signed into law in 1979 by the Carter Administration.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Harold Brown, who as defense secretary in the Carter administration championed cutting-edge fighting technology during a tenure that included the failed rescue of hostages in Iran, has died at age 91.
Harold Brown served as Secretary of Defense for all four years of the Carter administration dealing with issues ranging from the post-Vietnam drawdown, all volunteer force, nuclear disarmament talks, a resurgent and increasingly belligerent Soviet Union, and the Iranian hostage crisis.
Summary: Seoul [South Korea], Nov 25 (ANI): Almost two decades after the end of the Korean War, USA's Jimmy Carter administration had pushed for secret tripartite talks in Jakarta in 1979, declassified documents highlighted.
"For this reason, the national emergency declared on November 14, 1979, and the measures adopted on that date to deal with that emergency, must continue in effect beyond November 14, 2017." The hostages were freed and released by Iran in early 1981 after an agreement was signed by the Carter administration, and the hostages were returned to the US as President Ronald Reagan took office after winning the US election in November 1980.
The report claimed that the leader of the Iranian revolution effectively offered the Carter administration a deal to secure Washington's interests.
Petersen presents readers with a examination of British and American foreign policy and its impacts in the Persian Gulf region from the Carter Administration through the Reagan Administration.
Despite these promising conditions, feminists made little headway on policy during the Carter administration (1977-1981).
Rogoff, who served in the Carter Administration in the 1970s in the Office of Management and Budget, later worked at the Post as an assistant to then-publisher Don Graham.
The presentation is clearly organized in chapters on background, conflict and cooperation on trade issues, crisis and unstable recovery during the early 1970s, the slackening of growth in the EC countries, the growth and impact of protectionism, multilateral negotiations under the Carter administration, and an overview of the 1970s from the perspective of the 1980s.
There are still some assets blocked since 1979 when the Carter Administration blocked Iranian assets in response to the hostage seizure.