Carter administration

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Noun1.Carter administration - the executive under President Carter
executive - persons who administer the law
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The hostages were freed and released by Iran in early 1981 after an agreement was signed by the Carter administration, and the hostages were returned to the US as President Ronald Reagan took office after winning the US election in November 1980.
Petersen presents readers with a examination of British and American foreign policy and its impacts in the Persian Gulf region from the Carter Administration through the Reagan Administration.
In this work, he has carefully detailed the professional life of Robert Komer from his initial employment by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) through a career that eventually culminated as a high-ranking DoD official in the Carter administration.
Navy was reportedly alleged to have been hacked by Iran even as US President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hasan Rouhani communicated with each other for the first time since the James Carter administration.
There are still some assets blocked since 1979 when the Carter Administration blocked Iranian assets in response to the hostage seizure.
US President Barack Obama continued his administration's hostile approach towards Tehran by extending a Carter Administration executive order freezing all Iranian government assets held under US jurisdiction.
The bulk of the book--its eight middle chapters--is devoted to the boycott effort itself and the few successes and many setbacks for the Carter administration.
She cited an executive reorganization of government agencies under the Carter administration that gave DOL jurisdiction over IRAs.
Relying on extensive interviews along with research in presidential libraries and archives, they find comparisons ranging from the strategy of the Carter administration to pull the Soviet Union into a quagmire in Afghanistan to the Swift Boat campaign disparaging John Kerry's service in Vietnam.
On the other hand, a few members of the Carter administration, such as Undersecretary of State Warren Christopher, receive praise for their actions.
Seeking a formula that would enable the United States to abandon the regime there and recognize Beijing without suffering severe political damage at home and abroad, the Carter administration experienced frequent frustrations.
The "twin pillar" policy formulated by the Nixon administration, and later by the Ford administration, was continued by the Carter administration.