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(Biography) John, 1st Earl Granville. 1690–1763, British statesman, diplomat, and orator who led the opposition to Walpole (1730–42), after whose fall he became a leading minister as secretary of state (1742–44)


(ˈkɑr tər ɪt)

John, Earl of Granville, 1690–1763, British statesman and orator.
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A similar admission has been made by other eminent voyagers: by Carteret, Byron, Kotzebue, and Vancouver.
They visited in Laura Place, they had the cards of Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple, and the Honourable Miss Carteret, to be arranged wherever they might be most visible: and "Our cousins in Laura Place,"--"Our cousin, Lady Dalrymple and Miss Carteret," were talked of to everybody.
Miss Carteret, with still less to say, was so plain and so awkward, that she would never have been tolerated in Camden Place but for her birth.
Cermak and Cash Treasuries sourced in Carteret at lowest known latencies
Construction of La Mare de Carteret School in Guernsey.
com)-- Innovation Direct[TM], a leader in the invention assistance field since 1997, recently facilitated the process of the filing of a provisional application for a patent for Massachusetts resident and inventor Harriet De Carteret on her Bottles For A Cause invention upon her request.
THE people of the six low-lying Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea have welcomed more than their fair share of curious but well-meaning researchers, journalists and film crew over the past few years.
The deputy speaker of the House of Representatives in Papua New Guinea's autonomous province of Bougainville says she's appalled that millions of kina earmarked for the relocation of Carteret Islanders to the main island has gone missing.
Real Estate (CCIRE) is pleased to announce the sale of Plaza 12 Shopping Center, a neighborhood shopping center in Carteret, New Jersey, a short distance from Manhattan, New York.
Houston-based Market Kinetix LLC has announced that Centreville, Virginia-based Carteret Mortgage will be offering Market Kinetix's patent-pending credit-analysis software solution, Deal Maker Score, to its 300 nationwide branch locations.
has signed a three-year recycling agreement to market recyclables within the borough of Carteret, N.