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Of or relating to the philosophy or methods of Descartes.

[French cartésien (from René Descartes) and New Latin Cartesiānus (from Cartesius, Latin form of Descartes).]

Car·te′sian·ism n.
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(kɑːˈtiːzɪən; -ʒjən)
1. (Philosophy) of or relating to the works of René Descartes
2. (Mathematics) of, relating to, or used in Descartes' mathematical system: Cartesian coordinates.
3. (Philosophy) of, relating to, or derived from Descartes' philosophy, esp his contentions that personal identity consists in the continued existence of a unique mind and that the mind and body are connected causally. See also dualism2
(Philosophy) a follower of the teachings and methods of Descartes
Carˈtesianˌism n
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(kɑrˈti ʒən)

1. pertaining to Descartes, his mathematical methods, or his philosophy.
2. a follower of Cartesian thought.
[1650–60; < New Latin]
Carte′sian•ism, n.
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Noun1.Cartesian - a follower of Cartesian thought
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
Adj.1.Cartesian - of or relating to Rene Descartes or his works; "Cartesian linguistics"
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A. ADJcartesiano
B. Ncartesiano/a m/f
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adjkartesianisch, kartesisch
nKartesianer(in) m(f)
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[kɑːˈtiːzɪən] (Philosophy)
1. adjcartesiano/a
2. nseguace m/f di Cartesio
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The modern doctrine of psychophysical parallelism is not appreciably different from this theory of the Cartesian school.
In Section 1), we shall more deeply analyse the parallelism with cartesian closedness and we shall strictly elucidate the relationship with the classical notion of centralizer, in such a way that, when a unital category C is regular, any change of base functor [[tau].sup.*.sub.X], as above, has a right adjoint if and only if any subobject has a centralizer, revealing that, behind the notions of centre and centralizer, there was an unexpected wider-ranging phenomenon of functorial nature.
According to Bax, this captures the nature of human subjectivity better than the way Cartesianism does, since W's account gives a more balanced treatment of the relation between inner and outer, or self and other, than the Cartesian one-sided treatment, which overemphasizes only one aspect of the human subject, namely, the mental aspect (the mind).
In the 1980s the typical automation system supplied by the company would include a three-axis Cartesian robot, gripper, conveyor and safety guarding.
The multipole expansions in Cartesian coordinates are easy to handle for the first multipoles, but for higher order multipoles one has to decompose the tensors into irreducible representations of the rotation group SO(3) [6].
tries to show that many of Bultmann's contemporary critics treat him as a Cartesian thinker and thereby offer criticisms that largely miss the mark.
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Tennant [1997] proposed that the anti-realist principle be restricted to truths that are "Cartesian," that is, propositions that may be known without inconsistency: [[phi] & [logical not](K [phi] [??] [perpendicular to])][right arrow][??]K[phi].
The position of an object in a space of local rectilinear Cartesian coordinates is simply determined by 3D polar observations.
An empiric solution of determining the position of robot base by computing only the three coordinates of the origin of the Cartesian coordinate system assigned to the robot base is given in (Kovacs & Cojocaru, 1982).
The launch represents a significant development in the automation market, because Toshiba Machine is now one of the only major players in the industry to offer a complete range of robot technologies - SCARA, Cartesian and six-axis.
Pierre Bayle's Cartesian metaphysics; rediscovering early modern philosophy.