Cartesian coordinates

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Cartesian coordinates

pl n
(Mathematics) a system of representing points in space in terms of their distance from a given origin measured along a set of mutually perpendicular axes. Written (x,y,z) with reference to three axes
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Carte′sian coor′dinates
a system of coordinates for locating a point on a plane by its distance from each of two intersecting lines, or in space by its distance from each of three planes intersecting at a point. Compare x-axis, y-axis, z-axis.
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cartesian coordinates

A coordinate system in which locations of points in space are expressed by reference to three mutually perpendicular planes, called coordinate planes. The three planes intersect in three straight lines called coordinate axes. See also coordinates.
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(The formula is easier to obtain using the scalar product of vectors from the origin to the two points but students should not have learnt about that yet.) If the (latitude, longitude) of A and B are ([[phi].sub.A], [[lambda].sub.A]) and ([[phi].sub.B], [[lambda].sub.B]), their Cartesian coordinates would be (cos))A-cos[[phi].sub.A] x cos[[phi].sub.A], x sin[[lambda].sub.A], sin[[phi].sub.A] and (cos[[phi].sub.B] x cos[[lambda].sub.B], cos[[phi].sub.B] x sin[[lambda].sub.B], sin[[phi].sub.B] after normalising the radius of the Earth to 1.
Among more detailed discussions are Cartesian coordinates for particle motion in a plane, degrees of freedom and equations of kinematic constraints, velocity and acceleration relationships for two points in a rigid body, and compound-pendulum applications.
The evolution of the wave spectrum is described by the spectral action balance equation which for Cartesian coordinates is (e.g., Holthuijsen 2007):
Where Cartesian coordinates suggest a world of two dimensions-a globe that can be laid flat like paper-Smithson is interested in three-dimensional metaphors for actual places and has described some of his sculptures as "abstract containers" built to hold the raw materials of actual places he then transports into galleries.
Other modules include a viscous flow solver; a compressible Euler flow solver using Cartesian coordinates; and a module that enables the various 3DynaFS module to become coupled with a structure code using a coupler interface.
Given the cartesian coordinates of the robot positions [Poz.sub.i], (i=1/4): [x.sub.i], [y.sub.i], [z.sub.i], from Robot Controller, relative to the point [T.sub.5], the position vectors of the robots TCP, without the pin, are named [[bar.r].sub.i],i = 1/4.
Thus switching to the Cartesian coordinates gives us to third order rational curve
For example, if a point a [member of] [S.sup.2] has spherical polar coordinates ([phi], [theta]), its Cartesian coordinates are x([phi], [theta]) = (sin [theta] cos [phi], sin [theta] sin [phi], cos [theta]).
This means that the Cartesian coordinates of the spatial facial differentiation space does actually represent the visual mechanisms of facial configuration detection, and, in particular, facial linear patterns.
An image is easily imported into GridPic and Cartesian coordinates of points can be obtained automatically.