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A member of a contemplative Roman Catholic order founded during the 11th century by Saint Bruno.
Of or relating to the Carthusian order.

[Medieval Latin Carthusiānus, from Cartusius.]


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church
a. a member of an austere monastic order founded by Saint Bruno in 1084 near Grenoble, France
b. (as modifier): a Carthusian monastery.
[C14: from Medieval Latin Carthusianus, from Latin Carthusia Chartreuse, near Grenoble]


(kɑrˈθu ʒən)
1. a member of a monastic order founded by St. Bruno in 1086 near Grenoble, France.
2. pertaining to the Carthusians.
[1520–30; < Medieval Latin Cartusiānus]
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Noun1.Carthusian - a member of the Carthusian orderCarthusian - a member of the Carthusian order  
Carthusian order - an austere contemplative Roman Catholic order founded by St. Bruno in 1084
monastic, monk - a male religious living in a cloister and devoting himself to contemplation and prayer and work
Adj.1.Carthusian - of or relating to the Carthusian order


A. ADJcartujo
B. Ncartujo/a m/f
References in classic literature ?
The fuge, late, tace of the Carthusian brother is my motto here, my death to the world is the life of this canton, my prayer takes the form of the active work to which I have set my hand, and which I love--the work of sowing the seeds of happiness and joy, of giving to others what I myself have not.
The Carthusians were in the chapel, I went thither to join in their prayers, and there my resolutions vanished.
So he said to him, "It seems to me, Senor Knight-errant, that your worship has made choice of one of the most austere professions in the world, and I imagine even that of the Carthusian monks is not so austere.
Behind these palaces, extended in all directions, now broken, fenced in, battlemented like a citadel, now veiled by great trees like a Carthusian convent, the immense and multiform enclosure of that miraculous Hôtel de Saint-Pol, where the King of France possessed the means of lodging superbly two and twenty princes of the rank of the dauphin and the Duke of Burgundy, with their domestics and their suites, without counting the great lords, and the emperor when he came to view Paris, and the lions, who had their separate Hôtel at the royal Hôtel.
Contract notice: Provision of Carthusian wall - flooring work
A chapter narrated by a mourning cat who has taken to hiding behind a bookcase is titled "Felis Silvestris Catus Carthusianorum," suggesting that the cat is following the path of Carthusian monks who chose lives of isolation and deep contemplation.
It is the best preserved Carthusian Priory in the country and is now owned by the National Trust under the care of English Heritage.
Julian Luxford discusses the foundation and patronage of the Carthusian monastery and its slow evolution towards the time of the Dissolution, when in terms of income it was the second richest Carthusian house in England.
The historic fact of monastic isolation in the Western Church is probably best represented by Carthusian life in the Charterhouse nestled in the upper reaches of the French Alps at La Grande Chartreuse.
Interpretative display, focused on the lives of the Carthusian monks, their lifestyle, cultural importance and influence, Medieval and Tudor heritage and the history of Coventry.
Among the studs entering stallions for the first time this year are Broomfield PRE Stud from Perthshire, whose Laura Thomson will showcase Ebano AP, a pure 100% Carthusian stallion from the famous Peralta Stud in Spain.
The Catholic Church comprises many spiritualities from the eremetical lifestyle of Carthusian monks to the Catholic Worker Movement and marriage encounter, he says, but all are founded on the same truths about God, the human person, and existence as revealed by Jesus Christ, and proposed anew to every generation in his Body, the Church.