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 (kär-tyā′brĕ-sôN′), Henri 1908-2004.
French photographer noted for his black-and-white documentary photographs of daily life.


(French kartjebrɛsɔ̃)
(Biography) Henri (ɑ̃ri). 1908–2004, French photographer


(kɑrˈtyeɪ brɛˈsɔ̃)

Henri, born 1908, French photographer.
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The documentary coincides with Hurn, who was born in Surrey but comes from a Welsh family, donating his archive to National Museum Wales, alongside a unique collection of 700 photographs by other noted photographers including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bill Brandt and Dorothea Lange.
HH : There are several but the first that comes to mind would be Malick Sidibe (I feel lucky I was able to meet him when I was in Bamako a few years back) and Henri Cartier-Bresson.
The whole collection comprises approximately 700 photographs by leading 20th and 21st century photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eve Arnold, Sergio Larrain, Bill Brandt, Martine Franck, Bruce Davidson and Martin Parr, through to emerging photographers such as Bieke Depoorter, Clementine Schneidermann, and Newsha Tavakolian.
The photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson, iconic images of India viewed through momentous historic events, are analysed in juxtaposition with Umrao Singh Sher-Gil's private musings in Paris of an earlier period.
Highly regarded as a Surrealist photographer in the 1930s, Maar was a fellow student with Henri Cartier-Bresson and friends with Brassai, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, and Andre Breton, the charismatic leader of the Surrealists.
Entre los autores de las fotos se encuentran Abbas, Jorge Acevedo, Lola Alvarez Bravo, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Carlos Blanco, Hugo Brehme, Andres Carretero, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Rogelio Cuellar, Rafael Doniz, Hector Garcia, Romualdo Garcia, Flor Garduno, Tony Gleaton, Maya Goded, Jonathan Hernandez, Graciela Iturbide, Sotero Constantino Jimenez, Guillermo Kahlo, Josef Koudelka, Jorge Lepez, Nacho Lopez, Mary Ellen Mark, Luis Marquez, Eniac Martinez, Pedro Meyer, Tina Modotti, Estanislao Ortiz, Aaron Perez Yescas, y Juan Rulfo.
Starting with early works by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, the exhibition spans the decades to contemporary photographs by Mikhael Subotzky, Jim Goldberg and Martin Parr.
Centuries later, the father of modern photojournalism Henri Cartier-Bresson, would apply this philosophy to his photographs and even go on to name his published portfolio 'The Decisive Moment'.
The exhibition is curated by photographer Martin Parr, and also includes work by France's Henri Cartier-Bresson, American Tina Barney and Candida Hofer from Germany.
It was patterned after the Lucie Awards, which honored some of the greatest photographers in the world such as Steve McCurry, Martin Parr of Magnum, Annie Liebovitz, Nick Ut and Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Henri Cartier-Bresson always told us that it's about moments to capture," he told DW, referring to the celebrated French photojournalist.