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n.1.One who drives or uses a cart; a teamster; a carter.
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It all begins when the kids are figuring out which game to play when Eric Cartman dons a cowboy costume and declares that they all play Cowboys and Indians.
Nathan Cartman and James Walshaw went close early on for Farsley before the visitors capitalised with two goals in two minutes.
Thompson crossed from the right, Brown nodded the ball down for Nathan Cartman, but his low shot was blocked by the outstretched leg of the keeper.
Darlington took the lead on 53 minutes after a shot from Nathan Cartman hit the post.
The visitors didn't seal the win until the 87th minute when Nathan Cartman scored from the spot, and Jesus Martin scored in the 90th minute to make it 4-1.
Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and friends censor their parents' television viewing in 10 irreverent episodes of the animated comedy.
In The Stick of Truth you're the new kid in town, trying to earn your place at the side of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny in a brilliant battle between good and evil.
Which, considering the fact that the game's magical realm is called KKK and ruled by the Grand Wizard Eric Cartman, promises to be a lot of fun, especially when the Jew wears a tallis as a kind of armor, possesses a weapon called the Sling of David, and shoots off Hebrew letters to fend off enemies, a move known as Jew-jitsu.
When Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman see an R-rated movie about Canadian duo Terrance and Phillip, their parents pressure the US into war with Canada.
The Linnets scored via John Connolly and Jordan Williams with Nathan Cartman replying for the Yorkshire visitors.
According to Why We Love Sociopaths: A Guide To Late Capitalist Television (Zero Books), popular TV characters of recent years, from Mad Men's Don Draper to South Park's Eric Cartman to 24's Jack Bauer, can be loosely defined as sociopathic.
This is another homage to the show, which sees the character of Cartman continually make reference to his friend Kyle's religion.