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adv.1.By cartography.
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Cartographically, he seems to have exploited and compiled other people's work; but on the other hand Coronelli was a truly great cartographic talent, with a passion for geography and cosmography, and was literally venerated by some, including Antonio Magliabechi, the erudite librarian of the Grand Duke of Florence.
Hundreds of police departments have begun to wed database software with geographic information systems to represent crime cartographically.
But while Bowen developed her own idiosyncratic brand of novelistic realism, which Pearson sees as less committed to the depiction of abstract space and subjective time typical of British modernism, Beckett became well known for his increasingly spare and cartographically indeterminate settings.
He was speaking of how he had kept nameless, faceless Kenyans in the diaspora abreast of events on the ground during Kenya's 2007 post-election violence; he had sent SMSs from his mobile phone to the digital mapping platform Ushahidi, which displayed citizen-generated information about the violence cartographically, which other Kenyans at home and abroad accessed via the internet.
Because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Mandela died in prison in the eighties; I am 100 per cent sure that Japan is much further south than is cartographically evidenced; and chartreuse -- far from being the kind of colour you'd be seeing coming up the wrong way if you'd had a bad head of broccoli -- is actually, to my mind, a pleasant pinky red.
Number of offers received: 6 km Distance to Horst) and cartographically documented direction Flight representations.
Having moved from an admission of the limitations of her knowledge of the motivation of a Norwich map buyer to a hunch that consumers of maps considered them to be just another piece of art, Williamson then leaps to the assertion that "ownership of a map was an expression of the possessor's culture, education and knowledge of the wider world and the simple, if cartographically superior, plan fell short of the mark" (52).
I've thought about it in relation to Ibn Ba[sz] [degrees][sz] [degrees]E1/2[sz] [degrees]ah: What sense did he have cartographically of where he was going?
Orientalism thus becomes cartographically reoriented into European "Southernism," constituted by the "topoi of a torpid, sunny, and passionate south" with its "licentious women" and hot tempers (379).
They showed the captaincy "as an autonomous entity," cartographically "separate from the Portuguese colonies in Brazil" (p.
We have yet to create a literary map of Canada that might allow us to explore, cartographically, the imbrication of place and memory that so much Canadian literature traces.
Cartographically, Spruner is best known for his historical atlases, most of which were published by the Justus Perthes firm.