Cartridge box

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a case, usually of leather, attached to a belt or strap, for holding cartridges.

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Extant photos show the enlisted accoutrements to be sparse but serviceable, consisting of a wide leather belt with frame buckle, Model 1855 bayonet and scabbard, M1855 cartridge box and percussion cap box.
Titles of the newspapers include Armory Square Hospital Gazette, The Cripple, Hammond Gazette, The Cartridge Box, and Voice of the Soldier.
There wasn't just one cartridge described but four pages of cartridges described and illustrated along with pictures of their cartridge box labels.
Make sure to write the charge on each cartridge case with a Sharpie marker; put them in a loading block or cartridge box in ascending order.
Tenders are invited for Xylocaine 2 Percent With Aderenalin 1:80000 Cartridge Box Of 50 Cartridges
To paraphrase James Watt, public policy can be decided by the ballot box or the cartridge box.
He said he had the butt, barrel and unloaded cartridge box of the Fabrique Nationale pistol, which had been deactivated and then reactivated, but had not possessed the ammunition.
Further, there was also found at his property a cartridge box with writing on it which could have been the writing of Helen Thomas.
Edward Jessup's cartridge box to its rightful place at Fort Wellington with a special cake and speeches.
MUZZLELOADING SALES Accurate Arms Co 365 American Pioneer Powder 366 Barnes Bullets 367 Bushnell Outdoor Products 368 CCI 363 Cheyenne Cartridge Box Co 370 Circle Fly Wads 371 Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) 372 Dixie Gun Works 373 E.
Navy in Japan said Wednesday that strong wind and aircraft vibration led to the fall of a cartridge box containing 200 machine-gun bullets from a Navy helicopter over Yokohama on July 19.
A Remington cartridge box with the words POWER PATTERN and FIELD LOADS and an open shell spilling out round shot, appears in This Discovery Could Have Grave Consequences for Mankind, 2002.