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(ˈkɑ sɑs)

Bartolomé de las, Las Casas, Bartolomé de.
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But I don't know what to say, for I am ready to swear I left him shut up in the Casa del Nuncio at Toledo, and here another Don Quixote turns up, though a very different one from mine."
"So much the more for my having threatened with the Bastile a certain Bounet, a priest of Avignon, who wanted to publish a genealogy of the Casa Mazarini much too marvelous."
"Casa Pastrini!" said the cicerone to the coachman, and the carriage drove rapidly on.
I was willing to pay the venerable woman with whom my pecuniary dealings were such a discord twice as much as any other padrona di casa would have asked, but I was not willing to pay her twenty times as much.
I looked up at the windows of the Casa Doro, each with its different sculptured ornaments; I saw old palaces rich in marbles, saw all the wonders which a student beholds with the more sympathetic eyes because visible things take their color of his fancy, and the sight of realities cannot rob him of the glory of his dreams.
Cuando Maria fallecio, la emperatriz Isabel, esposa de Carlos v, heredo gran parte de su servicio y de las normas castellanizadas de la Casa de su madre, favoreciendo asi la continuacion de sus formulas, junto con otras propias de la portuguesa, cuya influencia se manifesto especialmente en el servicio a la mesa, creando un modelo a imitar para las Casas de las reinas e infantas posteriores (14).
Se trata de la carne, de la pasion del amor, del encuentro prohibido ..., de la Casa Chica.
Muestra de ello eran los objetos que la testamentaria incluia: ropas de Castilla, plata labrada, alhajas de homenaje, cargo de casas, cuentas de las haciendas, etc.
This August, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar will be elevated from stunning landscapes to venues of five historic moments with the launch of its newest attraction dubbed "HistoryLand." An interactive theatrical show, HistoryLand reenacts Philippine history in five key areas of the sprawling 400-hectare heritage hotel and destination.
Regional Express (Rex) welcomes the media release from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on 6 July, which unequivocally rejects the scurrilous allegations of a disgruntled engineer and his union that Rex has a poor safety culture:
CASA Kane County offers general information meetings this winter.
Casas said that in the entire history of the lotto in the country, this has been the highest pot ever recorded by the agency.