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(kəˈsɔːbən; French kazobɔ̃)
(Biography) Isaac (izaak). 1559–1614, French Protestant theologian and classical scholar


(kəˈsɔ bən, ˌkæz oʊˈbɔ̃)

Isaac, 1559–1614, French classical scholar and theologian.
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Casaubon turned his eyes very markedly on Dorothea while she was speaking, and seemed to observe her newly.
Casaubon. "I remember when we were all reading Adam Smith.
Casaubon was observing Dorothea, and she was aware of it.
Casaubon?--if that learned man would only talk, instead of allowing himself to be talked to by Mr.
Casaubon bowed, and observed that it was a wide field.
Casaubon would think that her uncle had some special reason for delivering this opinion, whereas the remark lay in his mind as lightly as the broken wing of an insect among all the other fragments there, and a chance current had sent it alighting on her .
Casaubon a great soul?" Celia was not without a touch of naive malice.
Casaubon had come up to the table, teacup in hand, and was listening.
Casaubon: it never occurred to him that a girl to whom he was meditating an offer of marriage could care for a dried bookworm towards fifty, except, indeed, in a religious sort of way, as for a clergyman of some distinction.
Casaubon about the Vaudois clergy, Sir James betook himself to Celia, and talked to her about her sister; spoke of a house in town, and asked whether Miss Brooke disliked London.