Cascade Mountains

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Noun1.Cascade Mountains - a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern CaliforniaCascade Mountains - a mountain range in the northwestern United States extending through Washington and Oregon and northern California; a part of the Coast Range
Northwest, northwestern United States - the northwestern region of the United States
Mount Saint Helens, Mount St. Helens, Mt. St. Helens - an active volcano in the Cascade Range in southwestern Washington; erupted violently in 1980 after 123 years of inactivity
Mount Adams, Adams - a mountain peak in southwestern Washington in the Cascade Range (12,307 feet high)
Coast Mountains, Coast Range - a string of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America from southeastern Alaska to Lower California
Mount Ranier, Mount Tacoma, Mt. Ranier, Ranier - a mountain peak in central Washington; highest peak in the Cascade Range; (14,410 feet high)
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Located in the charming Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth the resort features 121 hotel rooms and suites, as well as additional condominiums, an on-site spa, a restaurant, and 9,200 square feet of event space, including an outdoor tented garden set against the backdrop of the Cascade Mountains.
Cascadian Farm is also growing a half-acre test plot of Kernza on its home farm in the Skagit River Valley of the Cascade Mountains in Washington.
George, who resides in the Cascade Mountains of southern Washington.
There is a popular hiking trail in the Cascade Mountains right off the busy I-90 highway, an hour outside of Seattle.
In the Puget Sound region, smoke from wildfires in British Columbia, Canada, and the Cascade Mountains could reach unhealthy levels by Monday, according to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.
Paddling on relatively flat waters, like those of the Willamette River and Clear and Fish Lakes up in Oregon's Cascade Mountains, became an addiction for my wife and me during the past decade or so.
He'll then go on to the Cascade Mountains in the United States, South America's Inca Trail, as well as Antarctica, Nepal, and the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc which runs through France, Italy and Switzerland, before finishing in Australia's Greater Blue Mountains.
Fourteen-year-old Charlotte starts over with her mother in a new town in Washington's Cascade Mountains -- the same town where her estranged father, Larry, lives.
Drought Monitor shows the area west of the Cascade Mountains is nearly drought-free.
The plow was originally pressed into service to clear deep snow drifts in the Cascade Mountains region; it was later sent east to the plow railroads in Minnesota and North Dakota, where it worked until the World War II years.
She enjoyed the Oregon wilderness and enjoyed hiking with her family in the Cascade Mountains.