Cascade method

Cas`cade´ meth´od

1.(Physics) A method of attaining successively lower temperatures by utilizing the cooling effect of the expansion of one gas in condensing another less easily liquefiable, and so on.
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Total quantity or scope: As part of the multi award within the meaning of Article 77 of the Public Procurement Code, an amount will be awarded for each of the holders selected by the contracting authority in the cascade method called with or without minimum and / or maximum percentage.
According to information of Alfa TV, both parties demonstrated interest in the realization of this cascade method of subsidizing.
Methods for accurately measuring particle size are very much laboratory-based, for instance the Anderson Cascade method, which is laborious and can slow the development of devices, and the current generation of large laser diffraction measurement devices, which have high initial costs and require a lot of space and skill to operate.
In relation to the possible 20% of applicants that we envisage may need further financial and risk appraisal his support will be awarded on the basis of a mini- tender process for annual appointment and allocation of work via the cascade method.
If the 1st ranked tenderer is unable to meet requirements, the cascade method will be used i.