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n.1.Lit., an eggshell; hence, an eggshell filled with confetti to be thrown during balls, carnivals, etc.
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No bien el enemigo abandono su lanzadera en el telar del odio, un sueno de gusano cayo sobre mi alma bien defendida por su cascaron Heptameron (1: 351-357)
There are some visual metaphors in this schema: cascaron de huevo (the Earth's crust is an eggshell), chimenea (the volcano is a chimney) and las raices de los volcanes (the roots of the volcanoes).
To make a cascaron, ask an adult to use a paring knife to carefully make a small hole (no bigger than a dime) in the top of a fresh egg.
That way each cascaron can be finished in less than 10 minutes.