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n.1.Lit., an eggshell; hence, an eggshell filled with confetti to be thrown during balls, carnivals, etc.
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During one of its biggest events, Night in Old San Antonio, crowds go through more than 100,000 cascarones, using up plenty of those empty eggshells from the Cowboy Breakfast.
Many people in San Antonio make cascarones, and city schools often use them to raise money.
No one knows for sure how the fun of smashing cascarones began.
That's because these eggshells will become cascarones (cas-cah-RONE-aze).
Brennan recalled a family tradition of placing "little gold dollars" in painted cascarones (eggshells), which were tossed to the guests by Indian servants during the parties.
Santa Fe, New Mexico For almost a year, Elianna Lury, Amera Garcia, and Estevan Chavez have been busy practicing for the Baile de Cascarones.
The event is named for cascarones, which are decorated, confetti-filled eggshells.
Other paintings from In My Family/En mi familia are of making empanadas, attending a birthday barbeque, creating cascarones (created for Easter), demonstrating a cure for an earache, telling the story/legend of "The Weeping Woman"/"La Llorona", using a curandera to heal a relationship between a mother and daughter, requiring a chaperone for teenage boy/girl meetings/dates, showing the custom of the blessing on the wedding day, and seeing all generations dance at the community open air garden.
Cascarones make festive party favors for Easter or any other time of year.
To make cascarones in quantity, you'll have to plan ahead by saving eggshells.
In Mexico, cascarones, confetti-filled eggshells meant to be broken above the head of a friend, are part of the holiday celebration.
It is not known for certain where cascarones originated, but many people believe they were first brought from Asia to Italy by the explorer Marco Polo.