Casco Bay

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Cas·co Bay

An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in southwest Maine. The bay, with its hilly islands, is a popular vacation area.

Cas′co Bay′

(ˈkæs koʊ)
a bay in SW Maine.
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With so many commercial vessels in Casco Bay, the local economy depends on having a place like Portland Ship Yard to get boats back on the water as quickly as possible, said Congresswoman Pingree.
The deeper cuts proposed by the Trump administration would slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund cleanup activities and eliminate its support for monitoring and cleanup efforts in Casco Bay and for beach water testing across Maine.
com)-- What Matters for Kids is proud to announce the expansion to the Greater Casco Bay Maine area in 2016.
12 - Casco Bay and Baily Island Cruise with lunch at Cooks Lobster House.
Teachers from Casco Bay High School in Portland, Maine, leverage expertise from local businesses and nonprofit organizations to ground student learning in field experiences and to ensure students work with professionals, including scientists from the local university, musicians, writers, historians, and outdoor education experts.
Casco Bay, white-capped and gray and dotted with mournful tankers, blew an icy gale.
Its specialty, brown horsetail kelp from the Casco Bay, turns bright green when cooked.
Butler was found guilty of the same offence when Casco Bay was thrown out after winning a Kilbeggan maiden hurdle in June 2009.
But, I confess, I've been smitten with the place ever since I read my first Ellen Goodman column with the Casco Bay dateline.
NO stars on show at Tramore today where Casco Bay, disqualified on technical grounds after landing a similar race at Kilbeggan in June, should put the record straight by landing the www.
The health of Long Creek is also important to the health of downstream water bodies that ultimately lead to the Casco Bay estuary.