Case at bar

(Law) a case presently before the court; a case under argument.
See under Bar, n.
- L'Estrange.

See also: Bar, Case

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is true that the print and broadcast media gave the case at bar pervasive publicity, just like all high profile and high-stake criminal trials.
"The case at bar is a petition against top government authorities violating constitutional language and education provisions,"they said, noting that the SC held oral arguments on a petition questioning the Family Code for barring same-sex marriages.
The defense team says all of these requirements were met and presented in the case at bar.
'In the case at bar, petitioner [Mabilog] clearly availed of a wrong mode of appeal when he opted to file a special civil action for certiorari under Rule 65 of the Rules on Civil Procedure,' it explained.
"In the case at bar, the circumstances surrounding the fateful day of August 15, 2011, when the explosion at Alunan Highway led to the death of Parenas and BM Sinsuat, show an unbroken chain of facts which establish beyond reasonable doubt Masdal's culpability," read the resolution of the SC's Third Division penned by Justice Rosmari Carandang.
296, 555 S.E.2d 391 (2001), distinguishable from the case at bar. It is true that in both cases, a physical altercation took place before the killing.
" The record in the case at bar discloses that defendant conceded that there was no vindictiveness by the trial justice when he imposed the life sentence after the second trial.
Menefee argues that Brunner has been statutorily overruled by the amendments to the Bankruptcy Code implemented by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention & Consumer Protection Act of 2005 and, as such, the Brunner test is inapplicable to the case at bar. Her argument fails for a number of reasons.
"It therefore strikes the Court as disingenuous for Plaintiff to persist in his argument that the amount in controversy in the case at bar could not possibly exceed $5 million total."
Further, the court noted that it was also undisputed in the record that a medical assessment for the use of restraints can be delicate and complex, and as such, requires the application of clinical judgment." Accordingly, the court found that the case at bar was distinguishable from Sturgil.
Stating the HAW in terms of the case at bar. PIC asked: When a jury in a medical malpractice case finds that the Emergency' Room physician fails to advise the patient about the availability of non-invasive diagnostic tool (a carotid ultra-sound) that might definitively rule out a stroke (a condition that appeared in the differential diagnosis and is unrelated to the final diagnosis of Bell's palsy).
It is interesting to note that the case at bar was consolidated for trial together with six similar cases.