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A book containing source materials in a specific area, used as a reference and in teaching.


1. (Law) a book in which records of legal or medical cases are kept
2. (Medicine) a book in which records of legal or medical cases are kept



a book containing detailed records of one or more cases, as in law or medicine.
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Noun1.casebook - a book in which detailed written records of a case are kept and which are a source of information for subsequent work
written account, written record - a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
Adj.1.casebook - according to or characteristic of a casebook or textbook; typical; "a casebook schizophrenic"; "a textbook example"
standard - established or well-known or widely recognized as a model of authority or excellence; "a standard reference work"; "the classical argument between free trade and protectionism"


[ˈkeɪsbʊk] Ndiario m, registro m
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Then he went on gravely, "You were always a careful student, and your case book was ever more full than the rest.
The authors have also published a companion case book, Private Equity in Action-Case Studies from Developed & Emerging Markets, which showcases global best practices in private equity investing through 19 case studies written by INSEAD faculty and taught at the world's leading business schools.
Tenders are invited for Lot 1 - Classroom table (1350h650h750); Lot 2 - table for cleaning weapons (2450h550h950); Lot 3 - universal table (1200h650h750); Lot 4 - cabinet with 3 drawers (400h450h600); Lot 5 - Household closet (800h450h1500); Lot 6 - a case book (800h350h2178); Lot 7 - wardrobe, cupboard platyana (800h550h2178); Lot 8 - versatile wardrobe storage company assets and personal belongings soldiers (1100h600h1445); Lot 9 - versatile wardrobe storage company assets and personal belongings soldiers (1100h600h1000); Lot 10 - bedside nightstand (400h400h753); Lot 11 - cabinet orderly
O'Connor became active in Republican politics; Ginsberg co-wrote the first case book and co-founded the first law reporter on gender discrimination law.
The legal books of the company -- the journal, ledger, case book and inventory book, must also be certified by a notary on the day the company is registered.
A Web site, UFO Case Book, claimed that in the Las Vegas UFO Crash which took place on April 18, 1962, the object that was noticed was at that time written off as a bolide meteor.
This fifth edition of Foundation Press's case book on First Amendment law contains the same material as chapters 11-14 of the more comprehensive Constitutional Law (18th ed.
In this context, the recently published HIV & TB Drug Resistance & Clinical Management Case Book by Rossouw, Lessells and de Oliveira, is an important aid to clinicians in SA and beyond, who are managing complex cases of patients with HIV and TB drug resistance.
For more call 09050 700 436 Taurus April 21 - May 21 GOSSIP is rife and 'he said this or she said that' could be fuelling every waking hour as you witter or build your case book, but really Taurus, is it doing any good?
This is far from the typical account you might find in a law school case book.
The prerequisite to write the examination is successful completion of the previously described course and sub mission of a case book composed of 6 forensic autopsies and 4 clinical forensic medical cases.
By contrast, the nineteen-year-old Pedro Romero is the sole image of "independent manhood" and "integrity"; a young man "whose code gives meaning to a world where love and religion are defunct"; and in this sense he is the "real hero" of the story (Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises: A Case Book, ed.