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tr.v. case·hard·ened, case·hard·en·ing, case·hard·ens
1. To harden the surface or case of (iron or steel) by high-temperature shallow infusion of carbon followed by quenching.
2. To make callous or insensitive.
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Doug's team has carefully polished the receiver and heavy target barrel, then applied the astonishing Turnbull color case hardening.
Bury is the lead aerospace processing site in the Wall-work group and already has extensive approvals for mainstream heat treatments such as case hardening, carburising, hardening and tempering, nitriding and many other common processes.
After creation, the pair is subjected to a 3-step cycle for heat treatment and case hardening that offers optimal structural alignment and creates a stronger and more wear-resistant product.
We have never heard of or met a craftsperson in case coloring or case hardening worthy of a rave referral whose lips were sealed regarding their proprietary secrets.
Turnbull Manufacturing introduces the 1911 Heritage Pistol which replicates the look and feel of 1911 pistols built during WWI with the addition of color case hardening on the frame and hammer.
Nobody does it better than Doug Turn-bull, and his magnificent color case hardening is one of his signature touches.
Topics include a micro-macro model of a PEM fuel cell system, fuming during metal refining, the carbothermic aluminum process, case hardening of crankshafts, optimization of tensile test patterns for aluminum alloys, and the temperature of liquid steel in the ladle.
True case hardening involves baking the metal parts packed in charcoal, bone and leather bits in an iron container at high heat, then quenching them quickly in water, oil or other concoction.
A Color case hardening can produce a very striking and attractive finish with mottled colors of red, blue, green, etc.
Heat resistant steel, case hardening steel, micro alloys, and springs are among major products of the company, he added.
The statement added that the company has also produced 67,684 tons of raw steel in the form of heat resistant steels, case hardening steels, micro alloy steels, spring steels, cold work tool steels, flat and trade alloy steels during the same period.