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A book containing source materials in a specific area, used as a reference and in teaching.


1. (Law) a book in which records of legal or medical cases are kept
2. (Medicine) a book in which records of legal or medical cases are kept



a book containing detailed records of one or more cases, as in law or medicine.
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Noun1.casebook - a book in which detailed written records of a case are kept and which are a source of information for subsequent work
written account, written record - a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
Adj.1.casebook - according to or characteristic of a casebook or textbook; typical; "a casebook schizophrenic"; "a textbook example"
standard - established or well-known or widely recognized as a model of authority or excellence; "a standard reference work"; "the classical argument between free trade and protectionism"


[ˈkeɪsbʊk] Ndiario m, registro m
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In the following Review, I analyze the leading criminal law casebooks on the market and describe the ways in which they do--and do not--respond to the needs of criminal law teachers.
Fifteen Medical Family Therapy Casebook articles (hereafter referred to as Casebooks) published between 1996 and 2007 in Families, Systems, & Health were used as data for this study.
In contrast to other casebooks, the expert contributors for this one were encouraged to go beyond the format of a standard case presentation and instead describe an interesting case from their own practice.
Sources are rare and among the few surviving documents medical casebooks are by far the most revealing.
We also offer the casebook as one example of what can be found on the Center for Book Culture web site < casebooks/index.html>: casebooks on William H.
The acquired company offers multiple product lines targeted to law students, including "Legal Briefs," a product that provides summaries of the cases used in law school casebooks. Established in the early 1970's, the company had 2001 fiscal year revenues of approximately $1.2 million.
Despite the increased size of today's constitutional law casebooks, they still contain notable omissions.
The casebooks that were used at Ole Miss, where Myres McDougal first studied property, reflected these basic ideas.
Casebooks and other teaching materials from Anderson Publishing Co.
Most of the alleged teenaged thieves seem to have reformed, and recurring names are extremely rare in this penitentiary's casebooks. Some other types of fallen women were not so fortunate.
As a result, borrowers and lenders must now spend exorbitant amounts of time and money in the preparation of Decision Casebooks. These complex presentations are designed as arms-length forensic reports that provide the necessary documentation for decision approval on both sides of the table between borrowers and lenders, buyers and sellers, partners and shareholders, institutions and managers - even husbands and wives.