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1. A fortified enclosure for artillery on a warship.
2. An armored compartment for artillery on a rampart.

[French, from Italian casamatta : perhaps casa, house (from Latin casa) + matto, mad, crazy (from Latin mattus, drunk, past participle of madēre, to be drunk).]

case′mat′ed adj.


(Military) an armoured compartment in a ship or fortification in which guns are mounted
[C16: from French, from Italian casamatta, perhaps from Greek khasmata apertures, plural of khasma chasm]
ˈcaseˌmated adj



a chamber for a gun in a fortification or warship.
[1565–75; < Middle French < Italian casamatta]
References in classic literature ?
My lord," answered De Chavigny, with a low bow, "I have on the ramparts twenty pieces of artillery and in my casemates thirty thousand guns.
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Wine Woot was purchased by Amazon in 2010, and with Amazon ending online wine sales for the time being, Studdert and Rutledge launched Casemates on Kickstarter, With an initial goal of $50,000, the campaign has already earned more than twice that amount.
L'ANP a deecouvert a Djelfa 2 casemates de terroristes abritant des munitions et detruit 2 bombes artisanales a Ain Defla, indique un communique du MDN.
L'operation de fouille s'est egalement soldee par la decouverte de plusieurs casemates et caches d'armes
This was deep inside the Unesco-listed Bock Casemates, a 14-mile labyrinth of tunnels which were dug out to help defend the tiny state.
The intense battle action enables the protagonist to shatter masts, break hulls, rip sails and hit gunpowder casemates to win naval confrontations.
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Un atelier de fabrication d'explosifs et huit (08) casemates pour terroristes, contenant une quantite d'armes et de munitions, ont ete decouverts lundi a Tipaza par un detachement de l'Armee nationale populaire "grace a l'exploitation efficiente de renseignements", indique mardi un communique du ministere de la Defense nationale.
TUNNEL VISION: Phil in Casemates For dinner, try the Brasserie Aubergine.
schwarzdecker and spenglerarbeiten in the course of the renovation of the casemates in wr.
Sept casemates de terroristes, un atelier de fabrication d'explosifs et 44 bombes de confection artisanale ont ete decouverts et detruits mardi dernier par un detachement de l'Armee nationale populaire (ANP) lors d'une operation de fouille et de ratissage a Bouira, a indique hier un communique du ministere de la Defense nationale (MDN).