Casey Stengel

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Noun1.Casey Stengel - United States baseball manager (1890-1975)
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In 1922, a team including Waite Hoyt, Herb Pennock, and Casey Stengel became the first to lose to the locals.
Along the way, he played for Hall of Fame manager Casey Stengel and coached Derek Jeter -- quite a span, by any major league measure.
The colorful, effervescent, one-of-a-kind Julio Canani, the Peruvian who makes the late Casey Stengel seem almost colorless, will soon hit town with his own version of Stengelese.
16, and, as Casey Stengel once said, "You could look it up.
The late, great CASEY STENGEL on the secret of his longevity: "Every time I decided to cut a ballplayer, I had his room searched for a gun.
That then-Yankees' manager Casey Stengel should have been fired after the season for reasons other than the Series loss is not here relevant; the point now is that that postseason loss was due not to Casey's managerial skills but to the Forbes Field groundskeepers.
To illustrate this, he quotes the very successful former manager of the New York Yankees, Casey Stengel.
Like the baseball great Casey Stengel, they know: "It's easy to get the players; it's getting them to play together that's hard.
There are minnows and frozen ponds, Casey Stengel and St.
As baseball legend Casey Stengel said to one of his losing teams, "Can't anybody here play this game?
He might introduce them to the lore of the game, relating stories of the 1976 World Series or the Yankees' 1927 season; he might pass on the wisdom and strategies of successful managers like Tony LaRussa and Leo Durocher, and he might share the goofy eloquence of Casey Stengel.
Better yet, as Casey Stengel was fond of saying, "Youse can look it up.