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A book in which a record of cash receipts and expenditures is kept.



a book in which to record money received and paid out.


[ˈkæʃbʊk] Nlibro m de caja


[ˈkæʃbʊk] nlivre m de caissecash box ncaisse fcash card ncarte f de retraitcash cow n (= product) → vache f à lait (= investment) → mine f d'orcash crop nculture f de rapportcash desk n [shop] → caisse fcash discount nescompte m de caisse (pour paiement au comptant), remise f au comptantcash dispenser ndistributeur m de billets (de banque), distributeur m automatique de billets
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While MNCs are already accustomed to the tax systems worldwide, SMEs, which were historically working on cash books without proper accounting, will now have to maintain proper accounting records which will help the businesses in monitoring and reviewing their cost structure and do business in a more informed manner.
Drawing on primary sources like his financial accounting journal, daybooks, ledgers, cash books, letters, and receipt books, this biography traces the life of merchant John Banister (1707-1767) of Newport, Rhode Island, to illustrate his position in the history of Newport and its consumers from the 1730s to the 1760s, as well as his local and regional role in the broader context of Atlantic history, through examination of his methods, role in the Atlantic trade, and legacy and effects on Newport?
Auditor General of Pakistan has written to head of Intelligence Bureau to provide relevant documents pertaining to the secret fund of 890 million including include cash books, vouchers of payment, details of bank accounts, bank record, cheque books, bill, name of recipients of the said fund.
The National Archives record shows that Northumberland Archives now holds the 1778-1960 records including letter books, correspondence, financial ledgers, bill book, cash books, cash journals, diaries, insurance book, sales ledgers, clients' papers and photographs.
The break-in targeted Subic's disbursement vouchers, official receipts, annual audit reports of Subic villages, cash books, liquidation reports, ledgers, and Commission on Audit reports.
I can recall going to his office straight from school on many occasions and waiting for him to 'cash up' before several members of staff loaded huge wheeled baskets with large cash books and steel boxes of what I can only guess were the day's takings.
It is a habit that I have continued ever since, and I have, in my filing cabinet, cash books going back to the 1970s.
If you are self-employed, you will need your accounts for the year, including purchase and sale ledgers and petty cash books, as well as invoices and details of any expenses and receipts.
Ten boxes of documents, including bank statements, invoices, cheque books and cash books, are seized.
For example, cash books are typically headed debtor/dr and creditor/ cr (Table 2), and this practice extended to other elements of the accounting system [esp.
Divorcee Seal began claiming his dad's weekly pension in 1970 using the o l d -style cash books.
4) However, day and shop books, cash books and journals, petty ledgers, personal and business correspondence and their marginalia, generated by Ryan Brothers in early twentieth-century Trinity, Trinity Bay, provide a rich trove of insight into their retail operations.