Cash credit

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an account with a bank by which a person or house, having given security for repayment, draws at pleasure upon the bank to the extent of an amount agreed upon; - called also bank credit and cash account.

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Announcing its strategic partnership agreement with Cash Credit, Voyager Innovation said in a statement the partners will jointly aggressively rollout a mobile-based microfinance program within the first half of the year, applying big data analytics to offer innovative financial services to Smartas combined subscriber base of over 75 million.
We look forward to using our extensive knowledge of the telecoms sector to actively assist Cash Credit in its plans for international expansion.
The FCI has a sanction of Cash Credit Limit (CCL) of Rs.
For example, "better plan" customers can save up to pounds 150 on the installation of cavity wall insulation and earn a pounds 20 cash credit on their energy bill when they do so.
In an advisory opinion, (57) the DOL addressed whether cash credits can be used to encourage individuals to establish HSAs with a particular trustee or custodian, without violating the Code's prohibited-transaction rules.
The cash vault's Advanced Cash Credit & Notification enhancements give our business customers a powerful way to better manage their cash handling needs.
The addition of CEEMEA bonds follows a period of high growth in European cash credit volumes on Tradeweb.
An open forum discussion with a panel of key senior management took place during lunch in all three cities, with the majority of questions and follow-up discussion centering around credit risk tools, and the increased need for additional information, such as tracking issuer risk versus its peer group and historical trend analysis between the equity, cash credit and credit default swap markets.
The remaining $54 million reduction to the $125 million deferred balance was accomplished through a non cash credit booked on Oct.
5 million members the ability to shop as they normally would and earn cash credits at more than 28,000 retail locations across the US.
It said the consolidated cash credits provided by the bank rose 16% and reached 21.
City Council President Ruth Galanter threatens to delay a proposal to give Los Angeles residents cash credits for energy conservation during the summer, Mayor Richard Riordan's Office said Monday.