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The outage duration of cash dispensers peaked in August last year, reaching 70.54 minutes/day, the observatory said in its 2016 report published in July 2017.
A Chinese software -- Rufus -- is being used by criminals to access cash dispensers and loot money.
| Before the days when cards were a common feature in people's wallets, early cash dispensers were designed to receive hole-punched vouchers worth PS10 each, purchased by the customer from the bank and used in the dispenser when needed.
The cash dispensers feature a range of advanced software-enabled digital functions, including the ability to authenticate and transact without the use of a traditional card reader or PIN pad.
FREE cash dispensers in shops could be a thing of the past under changes to the way ATMs are taxed.
Coupled together, CFM S4 and the cash automation module within the Episys core system from Symitar, a division of the San Diegobased Jack Henry & Associates, allow credit unions to seamlessly manage their cash transactions and track all communication between Episys, CFM S4 and their cash dispensers and recyclers in real time.
People with disabilities and the elderly often have a hard time accessing self-service terminals like cash dispensers and public transport ticket vending machines, which require serious technological adaptations to serve them.
As part of the contract, Diebold will deploy approximately 1000 cash dispensers (CDs), more than 600 full-function lobby ATMs and approximately 60 cash recyclers.
A GANG of 13 men have been jailed for a series of burglaries from cash dispensers across the country using oxyacetylene cutting equipment.
The device was removed from one of the cash dispensers at the Co-op store in Evesham Road in the Crabbs Cross area.