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A book in which a record of cash receipts and expenditures is kept.



a book in which to record money received and paid out.


[ˈkæʃbʊk] Nlibro m de caja


[ˈkæʃbʊk] nlivre m de caissecash box ncaisse fcash card ncarte f de retraitcash cow n (= product) → vache f à lait (= investment) → mine f d'orcash crop nculture f de rapportcash desk n [shop] → caisse fcash discount nescompte m de caisse (pour paiement au comptant), remise f au comptantcash dispenser ndistributeur m de billets (de banque), distributeur m automatique de billets
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Those gilded cashbooks, drawers locked like gates of fortresses, heaps of bank-bills, come from I know not where, and the quantities of letters from England, Holland, Spain, India, China, and Peru, have generally a strange influence on a father's mind, and make him forget that there is in the world an interest greater and more sacred than the good opinion of his correspondents.
He cited poor maintenance of cashbooks, unreconciled bank statements, variances in cashbook and IFMIS balances, unsurrendered deposits and unsupported cash balances.
The report currently before the National Assembly shows that the management of the state corporations could not provide the annual work plans, cashbooks, ledgers, quarterly reports and monitoring and evaluation reports for the loans.There were also no documentation for determining the beneficiaries, terms of the loans and the authorisation of the disbursements.
She said the school owners should update account registers, cashbooks, teachers' educational and experience data, complete record of education vouchers (only for EVS partner schools), monthly student update file, students' admission and school-leaving certificates and students' progress report files as well as parent-teacher school council record, stock and property registers and the file of notification issued by the Punjab government.
The occasion was the recent discovery in the Florentine archive of a trove of hitherto unknown personal and family account books, some twenty-eight in all: ricordi, ledgers, cashbooks, journals, receipt books, and notebooks (quadernucci).
"Our clients love how much time they save using online accounting rather than manually entering onto desktop software, spreadsheets or even paper cashbooks."
The bulk of the materials consisted of 147 oversized scrapbooks, ranging from vaudeville managers' reports to publicity materials to cashbooks. Interested in the materials, fire underwriter Richard Rand acquired the collection and stored it in a warehouse.