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Those gilded cashbooks, drawers locked like gates of fortresses, heaps of bank-bills, come from I know not where, and the quantities of letters from England, Holland, Spain, India, China, and Peru, have generally a strange influence on a father's mind, and make him forget that there is in the world an interest greater and more sacred than the good opinion of his correspondents.
We worked with her on keeping cashbooks which will make her accounting less cumbersome.
The occasion was the recent discovery in the Florentine archive of a trove of hitherto unknown personal and family account books, some twenty-eight in all: ricordi, ledgers, cashbooks, journals, receipt books, and notebooks (quadernucci).
Our clients love how much time they save using online accounting rather than manually entering onto desktop software, spreadsheets or even paper cashbooks.
The bulk of the materials consisted of 147 oversized scrapbooks, ranging from vaudeville managers' reports to publicity materials to cashbooks.
An audit also queried cash payments of pounds 3 million, including pounds 500,000 to Mr Munif, as the 'payments are not reconciled with the cashbooks provided'.