Cashmere shawl

a rich and costly shawl made of cashmere; - often called camel's-hair shawl.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
She insisted upon Rebecca accepting the white cornelian and the turquoise rings, and a sweet sprigged muslin, which was too small for her now, though it would fit her friend to a nicety; and she determined in her heart to ask her mother's permission to present her white Cashmere shawl to her friend.
When Rebecca saw the two magnificent Cashmere shawls which Joseph Sedley had brought home to his sister, she said, with perfect truth, "that it must be delightful to have a brother," and easily got the pity of the tender-hearted Amelia for being alone in the world, an orphan without friends or kindred.
I can see the chandeliers, and the green silk of the piano, and Mamma sitting in her cashmere shawl by the window, singing till the little ragamuffin boys outside stopped to listen.
She walks about in it as if it were a blooming park, a Garden of Eden; and when she sees 'This is genteel,' or 'This is improper,' written on a mile-stone she stops ecstatically, as if she were listening to a nightingale or smelling a rose." Madame de Bellegarde wore a little black velvet hood tied under her chin, and she was wrapped in an old black cashmere shawl.
There were caskets of diamonds, cashmere shawls, Valenciennes lace, English veilings, and in fact all the tempting things, the bare mention of which makes the hearts of young girls bound with joy, and which is called the "corbeille."* Now, in passing through this room, Andrea proved himself not only to be clever and intelligent, but also provident, for he helped himself to the most valuable of the ornaments before him.
She was going among the coral reefs and cocoa-nuts and all that sort of thing, and she was chartered for a fortunate individual of the name of Pa (himself on board, and much respected by all hands), and she was going, for his sole profit and advantage, to fetch a cargo of sweet-smelling woods, the most beautiful that ever were seen, and the most profitable that ever were heard of; and her cargo would be a great fortune, as indeed it ought to be: the lovely woman who had purchased her and fitted her expressly for this voyage, being married to an Indian Prince, who was a Something-or-Other, and who wore Cashmere shawls all over himself and diamonds and emeralds blazing in his turban, and was beautifully coffee- coloured and excessively devoted, though a little too jealous.
The 44-year-old accessorised the look with a tan cashmere shawl, tortoise Louis Vuitton Paris Texas Sunglasses, and a pair of pointy-toed tan leather pumps.
When attending a wedding or any other open-air ceremony, it's best if you choose an embroidered cashmere shawl instead of those thick sweaters and cardigans, said a buyer Shiza Ali.
Among one of the best ever finds at the shop was a PS450 Louis Vuitton bag on sale for a bargain PS75, and a PS500 Burberry pure cashmere shawl for PS50 - hidden at the bottom of a bag.
The counterfeit mussars don't have such labels and hence can help a customer identify a pure cashmere shawl or mussar.
"She would have gone more for very "She would have gone more for very warm clothes, because she was warm clothes, because she was always cold, always cold, "She would always have a scarf or a cashmere shawl.
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