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Noun1.Cass Gilbert - United States architect who influenced the development of the skyscraper (1859-1934)
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The new work will focus on space in the Endicott building, which was designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert and was built in 1890.
I found the seven-spiral, five-story marble staircase, which is blocked off for tourists, but architect Cass Gilbert's incredible designcan be seen through an opening.
The Woolworth Building was designed by architect Cass Gilbert and completed in 1912.
neo-Gothic style by the architect Cass Gilbert, whom Frank Woolworth commissioned in 1910 to design a 20-story office building as the F.W.
They were, in fact, derived from early American skyscrapers, from Cass Gilbert's Woolworth Building in New York in particular, but there is nothing quite like the ring of seven skyscrapers which Stalin raised in Moscow (Fig.
If the Landmarks Commission had been around to save architect Stanford White's majestic Madison Square Garden, the second of four structures with that name, Cass Gilbert's New York Life Insurance Building couldn't have replaced it.
Paul, MN, was designed by Architect Cass Gilbert and completed in 1905.
Louis gained global attention for the opening of Cass Gilbert's Palace of Fine Arts, which later became the St.
He chose renowned architect Cass Gilbert to design the structure.
She lectures, writes, and consults on the history of campus planning and has published widely on the work of Cass Gilbert and other topics.