Cass Lewis

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 (kăs), Lewis 1782-1866.
American soldier, politician, and diplomat who held several governmental positions, including US secretary of war (1831-1836) during the Black Hawk and Seminole wars.
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Joined by his latest bandmates, former Skunk Anansie bassist Cass Lewis and one-time Primal Scream drummer Darren Lewis, it features selections from throughout the Irishman's long career, all delivered with a power and panache that few guitarists could hope to match.
Gary Moore last year formed power trio Scars with ex-Skunk Anansie bassist Cass Lewis and Primal Scream drummer Darrin Mooney and is now going back to his roots for the Monsters tour.
They are: Cass Lewis Nickell, 29, of Elmira; Jason Ellsworth Shannon, 30, and Guy Edwin Shannon, 23, both of Eugene, according to records.
STRIKING 31-year-old singer Skin and band partners Cass Lewis, Martin "Ace" Kent and Mark Richardson return with their third album, Post-Orgasmic Chill, the follow-up to Paranoid And Sunburnt and Stoosh.
Support musicians include Skunk pair Cass Lewis (bass) and Mark Richardson (drums), and although he has been locked into a frantic schedule over the past few months, Ace says he is delighted with the result.
Police arrested Jason Ellsworth Shannon, 30; his brother, Guy Edwin Shannon, 23; Cass Lewis Nickell, 28; and Robert Valdez Jr.
David Coverdale's Whitesnake, currently celebrating their 25th anniversary with a US tour, boast a new line-up including Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach on guitar and ex-Eagle Timothy Drury on keyboards, while Moore's latest line-up features former Skunk Anansie bass player Cass Lewis and one-time Primal Scream drummer Darrin Mooney.