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Noun1.Cassiope - low tufted evergreen shrubs of colder parts of north temperate regions having moss-like foliage and nodding white or pink flowers
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Cassiope mertensiana, white heather - heath of mountains of western United States having bell-shaped white flowers
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Responses to natural climatic variation and experimental warming in two tundra plant species with contrasting fife forms: Cassiope tetragono and Ranunculus nivalis.
Cassiope Muirhead: evergreen, scale-like leaves with delicate white bells ?
Cassiope carries instruments to study space storms in the upper atmosphere and their potential effects on GPS navigation and radio communications.
SpaceX carried a satellite dubbed Cassiope, a project of the Canadian Space Agency and other partners.
Cassiope besides having a fair flower enjoying her own beautiful life is one of the most effective apostles of the gospel of glaciers.
That the dynamic factor in regeneration is not primarily the outcome of physiological movements of the animal, or of its parts, is made probable not only by many facts familiar to every student of regeneration, facts that show that the new part often develops under conditions where movement or function in this sense is absent, but also by the important experiments of Zeleny and of Stockard with the jelly-fish Cassiope.
Also excluded on the basis of non-Classical date were Mycenaean Therapne, Hellenistic Cassiope and Phillipi and Roman Imperial Nicopolis and Diocaesarea.
and wet alpine tundra habitat [greater than or equal to] 1600 m dominated by Cassiope spp.
Cassiope fastigiata, a plant common throughout Himalayan and Tibetan regions between 2,800 et 4,500 metres, is a dwarf evergreen shrublet belonging to the Ericaceae family.
Persee, the son of Jupiter, loves Andromede, the daughter of Cephee and Cassiope (king and queen of Ethiopia).