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(German kaˈsiːrər)
(Biography) Ernst (ɛrnst). 1874–1945, German neo-Kantian philosopher. The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms (1923–29) analyses the symbols that underlie all manifestations, including myths and language, of human culture
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(kɑˈsɪər ər, kə-)

Ernst, 1874–1945, German philosopher.
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Noun1.Cassirer - German philosopher concerned with concept formation in the human mind and with symbolic forms in human culture generally (1874-1945)
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The recent decision in the California federal court case of Cassirer v.
In 2005, Lily Cassirer's grandson Claude sued for restitution of the painting, which his German-born grandmother sold in 1939 to an art dealer for the equivalent of $360 as she was fleeing her homeland from the Nazis.
Sampling the thought of the tradition's main adherents he covers language as an event: Heymann Steinthal, the origin of language from almost nothing: Lazarus Geiger, the spirit of language: Moritz Lazarus, the peace of humor: Hermann Cohen, on tact as a form of sociability, at the limits of the critique of language: Fritz Mathner, and from the critique of language to a critique of culture: Ernst Cassirer. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Cassirer and Sinclair (2007) noted that pneumonia caused 43% of mortalities of adult Bighorn Sheep occupying Hells Canyon, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.
Last week, the two-decades-long quest by the descendants of Lilly Cassirer to reclaim the Camille Pissarro painting she was forced to surrender in return for an exit visa from Berlin in 1939 landed in a federal court in Los Angeles.
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The remaining chapters are devoted to the ways four modern philosophers have worked out relationships between myth and philosophy: Vico, Hegel, Cassirer, and Whitehead.
Sabe-se que o interesse pelos temas e problemas de gnosiologia ocupou a fase inicial da reflexao de Cassirer, que remonta a Dissertazione de 1899 sobre a 'critica' do conhecimento matematico e das ciencias naturais, reflexo da formacao filosofica em Marburgo com Paul Natorp e Hermann Cohen (Lugarini, 1971).
There is no doubt that art is a form of knowledge but it is very important to specify why and how and in this case the reflections of the German philosopher Ernst Cassirer and of the Italian philosopher and historian Benedetto Croce can be very useful in order to solve this problematic intersection, just because they aimed to collocate art into a general vision of spiritual activity.
Al extraer los referentes de distintas cosmovisiones (la precolombina costena y andina ; la oriental) los hace no solo convivir sino tambien integrarse en una presencia autonoma que se autorevela en una<<sintesis de mundo y espiritu>> (Cassirer 1972,1: 57) .