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often castanets A percussion instrument consisting of a pair of slightly concave shells of ivory or hardwood, held in the palm of the hand by a connecting cord over the thumb and clapped together with the fingers.

[Spanish castañeta, from castaña, chestnut, from Latin castanea; see chestnut.]


(ˌkæs təˈnɛt)

Usu., castanets. a small percussion instrument consisting of two concave shells of wood held in the palm of the hand and clicked rhythmically together esp. to accompany dancing.
[1640–50; < Sp castañeta, derivative of castañ(a) chestnut < Latin castanea]
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The festival featured painting workshops, free live demonstrations, and plain air painting sessions (outdoor painting) at various locations in the UAE, conducted by well-known contemporary watercolourists, including Alvaro Castagnet.
The festival is the region's first and largest event dedicated to watercolour painting, and will feature free live demonstrations, and plein air painting sessions at various locations in the UAE conducted by well-known contemporary watercolorists, including Alvaro Castagnet, the most famous master of this medium.
1 watercolourist Alvaro Castagnet to kick off four-day fest from February 22
37 Tamimi, who earned the rare distinction of becoming the first Qatari to win a match at the championship on Sunday when he ousted 11th seed Simon Rosner in five games, put up a commanding display and defeated French Mathieu Castagnet in four games.
Earlier in the evening, a masterclass in patience and a display of relentless tenacity from Nick Matthew saw the 37-year-old Englishman break the French resistance of Mathieu Castagnet in a high quality three-game affair.
Germany is sending Simon RE[micro]sner, and Mathieu Castagnet will be flying from France.
1 Mohamed Elshorbagy will face Colombia's Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Mathieu Castagnet of France and England's three-time World Champion Nick Matthew in Group A, while world Champion Gregory Gaultier of France will face Australia's dual Commonwealth Games gold medallist Cameron Pilley, Germany's Simon RE[micro]sner, and 2015 World Championships runner- up, Egypt's Omar Mosaad in Group B.
Both went out in three straight games, Clyne to England's Chris Simpson and Lobban to Frenchman Mathieu Castagnet.
19 position, while Mathieu Castagnet continues his recent surge through the ranks to claim a new career best of World No.
Saluzzo JF, Cornet M, Castagnet P, Rey C, Digoutte JP.
In a survey of 1,350 men almost half do not know where their SQUASH MEXICO - PSA International Mexicano de Raquetas, finals: Olli Tuominen Marche (Fra) 11-7 6-11 11-4 (Eng) bt Ryan Cuskelly 11-6 10-12 12-10, Marwan bt Mathieu Castagnet (Fra) 4-11 11-6, Saurav Ghosal Abdel Aziz (Egy) 11-5 11-2 1947: America defeated 11-1 in the seventh Ryder Portland Golf Club.
Esportiu Rocafort Squash Open, Barcelona, Spain: 1st round: Constantino Casas (Spa) bt (1) Luca Mastrostefano (Ita) 11-5 10-11 (1 - 3) 11 - 7 11 - 8, (5) Mathieu Castagnet (Fra) bt Philip Nightingale (Eng) 11-6 5-11 9-11 11-8 11-1, (4) Badr Abdel Aziz (Swe) bt Alejandro Garbi Caro (Spa) 11 - 5 11 - 9 11 - 6, (7) Fabien Verseille (Fra) bt (Q) Rene Mijs (Ned) 11-4 11-10 2-0) 4-11 4-11 11-8, Oriol Salvia (Spa) bt (6) Yann Perrin (Fra) 11-4 11-5 6-11 11-2, Nick Wall (Eng) bt (3) Andras Torok (Hun) 11-10 (3-1) 7-11 2-11 11-10 (2-0) 11-4, Sam Atkins (Nzl) bt (8) Petros Tzamaloukas (Gre) 11 - 7 11 - 3 11 - 5, Chris Ryder (Eng) bt (2) Ahmed Mohsen Hassaan (Egy) 11-5 10-11 (0-2) 11-6 11-6.