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a.1.Of or pertaining to Castalia, a mythical fountain of inspiration on Mt. Parnassus sacred to the Muses.
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Who knows in how many unremembered nations' literatures this has been the Castalian Fountain?
Ovidius Naso), Amores, I, xv, 35-36, which can be translated as follows: "'Let vulgar writings be wondered at by the common sort; for me, may golden-haired Apollo minister full cups of Castalian water." Translated as "Let base-conceited wits admire vile things, /Fair Phoebus, lead me to the Muses' springs" by Christopher Marlowe, Ovid's Elegies, I, xv, 3536" (Bardelmann).
Nashville, TN, October 11, 2018 --( Sprawled over 160-acres in Castalian Springs Tennessee lies the nation's newest premier fitness and wellness retreat named Fit Farm.
Taking place monthly, first off the mark is the Castalian Quartet who are already award-winners and regulars at London's famous Wigmore Hall.
This year's five-day music extravaganza includes artists from around the globe including Sean Shibe, Belcea Quartet, Julian Bliss, Malcolm Martineau, Castalian Quartet and so much more.
Thus Shakespeare imagined Dido, Queen of Carthage being read in an exclusive milieu like that of James's "Castalian Band" of Scottish poets, a pleiade in which the text would be savored precisely because "there were no sallets in the lines" (421-26).
To prepare for prophesying, the Pythia bathed in a natural spring, the Castalian Spring that sparkled and splashed down the mountainside.
Derrick McClure, 'Translation and Transcreation in the Castalian Period', Studies in Scottish Titerature 26 (1991), 185-98 (p.
CLASSICAL CARDIFF: National Museum Cardiff (029 2039 7951), Castalian Quartet.
Early in his book Knapp cites the motto, from Ovid's Amores, that Shakespeare emblazoned on the title page of Venus and Adonis in 1594: "Vilia miretur vulgus; mihi flavus Apollo / Pocula Castalia plena minister aqua" ("Let common people admire common things; may golden-haired Apollo serve me cups filled with Castalian water").
Even the Castalian Springs Hotel, located in Holmes County, 190 miles to the southwest, overflowed with the injured and dying.