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a.1.Of or pertaining to Castalia, a mythical fountain of inspiration on Mt. Parnassus sacred to the Muses.
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Who knows in how many unremembered nations' literatures this has been the Castalian Fountain?
How could it be that the fife of a man who so quickly rose up the ranks of Castalian society ends in such catastrophe?
To prepare for prophesying, the Pythia bathed in a natural spring, the Castalian Spring that sparkled and splashed down the mountainside.
Derrick McClure, 'Translation and Transcreation in the Castalian Period', Studies in Scottish Titerature 26 (1991), 185-98 (p.
CLASSICAL CARDIFF: National Museum Cardiff (029 2039 7951), Castalian Quartet.
Early in his book Knapp cites the motto, from Ovid's Amores, that Shakespeare emblazoned on the title page of Venus and Adonis in 1594: "Vilia miretur vulgus; mihi flavus Apollo / Pocula Castalia plena minister aqua" ("Let common people admire common things; may golden-haired Apollo serve me cups filled with Castalian water").
Even the Castalian Springs Hotel, located in Holmes County, 190 miles to the southwest, overflowed with the injured and dying.
32) He commanded the Castalian spring at Daphne, which Hadrian had blocked up (Amm.
InAugust 2010, Polymetal signed a letter of intent withunaffiliated company, Castalian Trading Limited,concerning the acquisition of 100% in LLC PD Rus forUSD 3 mn, plus extra remunerations and recovery ofdamages related to certain corporate actions.
25m (EUR7m) on a debt-free basis through an interim deal with Castalian Trading.
13-8) When Phoebus, spying me from the Castalian wood, Said, leaned upon a golden lyre by his cave: "Fool, what have you to do with such a stream?
In the early 1580s, Montgomerie, royally connected and probably even then Catholic, was styled by James VI "maister poete," a principal in the monarch-led poetic coterie known to posterity as the Castalian Band (the term derives from James's epitaph on the poet).