Castanea crenata

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Noun1.Castanea crenata - a spreading tree of Japan that has a short trunk
Castanea, genus Castanea - chestnuts; chinkapins
chestnut tree, chestnut - any of several attractive deciduous trees yellow-brown in autumn; yield a hard wood and edible nuts in a prickly bur
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A total of 360 mature capsules were randomly harvested in mid-December 2013, in the morning, of plants of nine cultivars ('Ibuki', 'Isumo', 'Kinshu', 'Moriwase', 'Okuni', 'Senri', 'Taishowase', 'Tamatsukuri' and 'Tiodowase')) and two selections ('KM-1' and 'KM-2') of hybrid chestnuts (Castanea crenata x Castanea sp.), in the Center of Seedlings Production of Coordenadoria de Assistencia Tecnica Integral--CATI, of Sao Bento do Sapucai, in the state of Sao Paulo.
The extracts from fruits of Camellia japonica (CJ), leaves of Viburnum dilatatum (VD), and leaves of Castanea crenata (CC) showed the highest values for total phenolic content (Table 1) and were therefore subjected to further antioxidant assays.
Fagus japonica, Castanea crenata, Quercus serrata, Carpinus laxiflora, and Prunus verecunda dominate the natural forests.
In East Asia, a skin firming/ antiwrinkle formulation features the inner shell of Castanea crenata as an active ingredient.
A Coordenadoria de Assistencia Tecnica Integral (CATI) possui uma colecao com nove cultivares e duas selecoes, todas hibridas entre Castanea crenata x Castanea sp.
Effects of burying depth and seed size on seedling establishment of Japanese chestnuts, Castanea crenata. Forest Ecology and Management 164:149-156.