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Noun1.Castilla - a region of central SpainCastilla - a region of central Spain; a former kingdom that comprised most of modern Spain and united with Aragon to form Spain in 1479
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
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Y no generalizamos, nos centraremos en un autor y en una obra: el humanista cordobes Juan de Castilla y Aguayo, y su obra Elperfecto regidor, publicada en Salamanca en 1586.
CUSCO, Peru, Muharram 8, 1433, Dec 3, 2011, SPA -- Peru's fiscal stimulus package "could be increased" from its current size of about 2 percent of gross domestic product, depending on the depth of a possible economic crisis, Reuters cited Finance Minister Luis Miguel Castilla as saying on Saturday.
'It can travel at an average of 12 knots or can sail from Poblacion Port in Castilla to Bapor Port in Masbate City in less than four hours and will sail four times daily,' he said.
Castilla has been named among Mississippi's Most Influential African Americans by ourMississippi magazine.
Jill Castilla is known throughout the banking industry for her leadership in technological innovation.
Meanwhile, the towns of Irosin, Magallanes, Barcelona, Matnog, Bulan, Castilla, Bulusan, Gubat, Sta.