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Noun1.Castillian - a native or inhabitant of Castile
Spaniard - a native or inhabitant of Spain
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I took him to the 50th wedding anniversary of a Guerrero cousin and he asked why their Spanish is quite archaic; the Spanish in Manila is Castellano, Castillian, I explained.
- 'Les Miserables' has been translated into 21 different languages: English, Japanese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, German, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, French, Czech, Castillian, Mauritian Creole, Flemish, Finnish, Argentinian, Portuguese, Estonian and Mexican Spanish.
So it was no real surprise to this old Weoley Castillian that the present residents of the estate rose to the occasion to plug the hole left by our council's decision not to celebrate Armed Forces Day in the city centre - not its finest hour!
One is dressed and has Malay features and the other had a more European Castillian looking San Cristobal.
In 1536 Fray Luis de Granada even translated a Kempis' ever-popular Imitatio Christi from the Latin, a work that to this day rivals the Bible in its appeal and numbers of editions--eighty-nine in Castillian between 1482 and 1630 (Palau y Dulcet 271-275).
The said article 42 granted Castillian merchants the right to be judged according to the "coutume de la mer et les droiz de layron."
Of the Castillian school, de Urbina suggests Alonso Berruguete (c.
It should be noted that in coeval stratigraphic interval in the Basque-Cantabrian Basin (N Spain), representatives of this suborder have never been found (Canales, 2001), only one specimen having been found in the section of Fuentelsaz (Aalenian GSSP type locality) in the central Castillian Platform (Iberian Range) which further supports the local nature of the warm seawater temperatures inferred for this area of the Lusitanian Basin.
For the Castillian Christian Monarchy, Muslims and Jews were humans with the "wrong God" or "wrong religion." They were perceived as a "fifth column" of the Ottoman sultanate in the Iberian Peninsula (Martin Casares 2000; Carrasco 2009; Galan Sanchez 2010).
The crust is hard, and as thick as the width of the inscription [title] on a Castillian silver real [coin].