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Noun1.talent agent - an agent who represents performers
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
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Other changes include bringing back original casting agent Jake Court to help find "high-quality" contestants, and taking the show to 10 episodes.
Jaffrey is survived by Jennifer Jaffrey, the casting agent he married in 1980.
20 March 2015 - US-based medical software company inviCRO, LLC has acquired is vascular casting agent AltaBlu, the company said on Friday.
His father is a literary agent, his mother a casting agent.
I was really busy, I had a load of shopping, it was coming up to Christmas, but she said she was a casting agent and would I be interested in coming along to an audition for Scottish Widows.
We're looking for fantastic personalities with records for flipping houses," said casting agent, Brian Smith.
Arnold wanted to cast someone "real" as Mia, and Katie was spotted by a casting agent while arguing with her boyfriend at Tilbury Town railway station in Essex.
Speakers include Miranda Rivers, the casting agent for Lord of the Rings; EA's Jeff Hunter; Microsoft's Heather Hamilton; Joanna Sheriff of Decision Toolbox California; Andrew Norton from Downer EDI Consulting; Jane Davis, head of talent management for The Warehouse; and
Show the casting agent your best before it's down to the wire.
Independent casting agent and acting teacher Ferra-Gilmore outlines seven steps crucial to career success.
A trained dancer who majored in public relations at Chapman University, Weeden was working as a casting agent in 1994 when she hired William Washington to serve as stunt coordinator on a film.
Central Casting agent Summer Wesson, for example, had to find someone who can do several pull-ups in a row to sub for Linda Hamilton, who plays Zachary Levi's mom in "Chuck"--a feat Hamilton performed without effort in "The Terminator," but that was back in 1984.