Casting line

(Fishing) the leader; also, sometimes applied to the long reel line.

See also: Casting

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lodi Iron Works makes gray and ductile iron castings on three automatic molding lines as well as a nobake casting line at its foundry in Lodi.
has upgraded its highspeed casting line for PVC cling film to boost output by more than 20%.
Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Minister reminded that Alcomet had been awarded a first class investment certificate in 2011 for an investment of BGN 26.8 M into the construction of a casting line and a foil mill to its facilities.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) a casting line, a suction motor and an electric rolling machine for the Female Accessories Technology Center reporting to the Industry Council for Technology & Innovation, also (b) laboratory chemicals for the Olive Oil Test Laboratory at the Food Industries Technology Center reporting to the same.
It was stated that MKI will install another new casting line in the current Manesar plant by the latter half of 2012 to ramp up production in response to the rapidly increasing demand of the Indian automotive industry.
In the medium term, Oswal Pumps have moderate capex plans of around Rs.80 million for the next one year which also includes setting up a casting line for manufacturing parts used in pump manufacturing.
Small parts show a casting line here and there, and the barrel is of two-piece construction, but what's wrong with that?
At the heart of the Hiroshima engine-plant renovation is an all-new casting line. It employs the "cold box" method of U.K-based Cosworth Technology Inc.
When Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corp., a manufacturer of fiat-rolled, coated and foil products, decided to upgrade its strip casting line at its Jackson Coated and Foil Division facility, Jackson, TN, the company considered several alternatives that would enhance efficiency and productivity.
Urethane casting line. This manufacturer of materials for noise control, vibration isolation and shock cushioning has published an eight-page booklet featuring the company's multi-million dollar urethane casting line.
For its part, L'Oreal is set to roll out the 24-shade Casting ColorSpa collection, The no-ammonia hair color, which replaces the current Casting line, is described by a company spokeswoman as the first "spa hair color."
Whether casting line for Tigerfish on the Zambezi, recording the depredations of domesticated cats on wild bird populations ("Is Mittens with her kittens?