Casting net

a net which is cast and drawn, in distinction from a net that is set and left.

See also: Casting

References in classic literature ?
And on the shore sat a fisherman watching: in his hands he held a casting net for fish, and seemed as if about to cast it forth.
First-time director Sameer Khan had thrown his casting net over the UAE for his debut film Dollars which is currently being filmed.
= "Escolhedeira"; PL = Pelagic longline; HA = Harpoon; CN = Casting net; DL = Demersal longline.
That Radia person, once upon a time casting net on Ananth Sir.
CASTING NET WIDE: Alex McLeish may look to the Middle East to unearth another gem like Mauro Zarate, far right
One lacklustre performance crosses the stage after another, and you wonder how on earth some of these actors got through the casting net since they speak the lines very badly.
The director, Lee Tamahori, considered her for the role only after he "widened the casting net" for a role that was "originally for Spitfire Latina".
Mold yield calculations are based on metal cost, casting pouring weight, casting net weight and riser value.
It had obscured any markers identifying the ship's name or company and was casting nets when it was spotted, reports CNA.
"This is a big milestone in ensuring police mobility and safety in their duties," Mr Kenyatta said in Nairobi in 2017.Analysts say Co-op Bank's entry into the fast-growing business will help it leverage the SA firm's expertise and experience to take the competition to local rivals.Stung by the interest rate controlling regime that took effect in 2016, Kenyan financiers are now casting nets wider.
The young boys get their adrenalin pumping casting nets and caring for the boats.