Casting weight

a weight that turns a balance when exactly poised.
- B. Trumbull.

See also: Casting

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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One time, I'd bought a new light spinning rod with a 2g to 15g casting weight. The river was well up but I wanted to test the rod, so I threw a very light Rapala into the slack water on the far side of the same pool.
Varied ingate thickness according to individual casting weight to ensure uniform metal flow rate to all the bars.
Ashley fishes with braid mainline and touch legers, using the meat, which he flavours with 'lamprey liquid' as casting weight. You need a big, strong hook for this method to work and Ashley uses a size 2 ESP hook matched with 20lb Calcutta Ultra braid.
We believe the bell-shaped hammer has more casting weight in the hitting area.
``The large chunk of bread provides the casting weight, so there is no lead on the line.
"We definitely see a long-term trend in the marketplace to reduce casting weight by engineering smaller, lighter iron components or by utilizing lighter materials such as aluminum," said MTI president Matthew Fetter.
They are performing capacity studies both domestically and globally to determine if and where their specific casting weight and alloy can be produced in the volumes necessary for the forseeable future.
With the small crabs it will make sense to crimp a small splitshot just above the hook for extra casting weight. Use one of the many braided lines either in 10- or 15-pound for not only improved distance but strength and abrasion resistance.
"Runner systems are dependent on alloy, casting weight, casting geometry, pour rate etc." --Pravin Patel Woodward Governor Company