Ixodes ricinus

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Noun1.Ixodes ricinus - parasitic on sheep and cattle as well as humansIxodes ricinus - parasitic on sheep and cattle as well as humans; can transmit looping ill in sheep (acute viral disease of the nervous system); a vector for Lyme disease spirochete
hard tick, ixodid - ticks having a hard shield on the back and mouth parts that project from the head
genus Ixodes, Ixodes - type genus of the family Ixodidae
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The castor bean tick Ixodes ricinus, a European species that carries Lyme disease, faces an engineering problem: Its needlelike mouthparts are good at piercing but useless for hanging on during long periods of feeding.
Field studies with the European castor bean tick, Ixodes ricinus, have shown that approximately 24% of adults are questing at any one time; and studies with caged lone star ticks, Amblyomma americanum, in Oklahoma found that the percentage questing varied from 0 in mid-April to 90 during May and early June (Semtner and Hair 1973).
In the United Kingdom the most common tick is the sheep tick, also known as the deer tick or castor bean tick.