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Noun1.Fidel Castro - Cuban socialist leader who overthrew a dictator in 1959 and established a Marxist socialist state in Cuba (born in 1927)
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Justin Kuk, also of Singapore, took the challenger's role at 210 with a 71 but failed to match Castro's hot start of three birdies in the first eight holes in the final round, enabling the Filipino shotmaker to coast to victory at 278.
Robert Bolick, NorthPort's star rookie in the PBA, attended his second day with the senior team and he rocked one of Castro's jersey from the 2017 Fiba Asia Championship.
Part of Castro's initiatives at the company include, running the feature films and TV department.
Two of the oddest revolved around Castro's passion for scuba diving: one called for an explosive seashell to be planted in an area where he liked to dive, and the other involved a wet suit tainted with a disease-causing fungus and a tuberculosis-laced breathing apparatus that were to be given to him.
Castro's scheme of nationalisation further confirmed American fears.
President Duterte has defended that De Castro's appointment was based on seniority, not politics, as he rejected allegations it was a reward for supporting the ouster of Sereno.
Drilon said that Carpio's reason for declining any nomination for chief magistrate is 'no longer applicable today' as the reason for the next vacancy would be De Castro's retirement.
19, the day when Castro's successor will also be named, as reported by the Cuban state-run media at a meeting of the National Assembly on Thursday. 
Since his death at the age of 90 on November 25 last year, Castro's wishes have been respected.
After Floyd Castro's home was burglarized on April 20, 2014, he reported the burglary to the police.
In its coverage of Castro's passing, the increasingly discredited mainstream media is downplaying or ignoring Castro's crimes against humanity--and generally refers to him as the "former Cuban leader," as opposed to a dictator, which he was.
Castro's body will be cremated, according to his wishes.